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6.5/10 Ignacio

AHKMED - Chicxulub - CD - R.A.I.G. - 2007

review by: Ignacio Coluccio

Like it or hate it, post-metal has been metal's most relevant genre for the last few years. Not because of especially high quality releases, but because of it actually trying to do something else (unlike, say, thrash). Starting with Godflesh onwards, Pelican, Isis, Neurosis, Boris, all have tried, with different degrees of success, to think outside of the box. Ahkmed may not do that as much as other post-metal bands do, but they certainly have a more recognizable sound.

Chicxulub is what Hawkwind would record if they were into post-metal. Chicxulub is a perfectly crafted but otherwise not so surprising mix of space rock, post-rock and the harshest side of post-metal. If you've heard Los Natas' first few albums, it's like that with heavier, more technical songs.

Now, don't let the fact that it's been done before tell you that it's a bad album. It's fun, some of the jams on Chicxulub are outstanding (especially the heavier ones) and the effects usage is great too. The atmosphere they create and their sense of buildup and harmony are far above your average Hawkwind copycat band. The production is top notch as well in both EPs (yes, it's not an actual album, it's two EPs put together).

Some elements on Chicxulub must surely sound better live than they sound on album. Namely, the constantly rumbling bass. While it does sound good, it gets tiring after 20 minutes or so of getting your ears drilled by ultra-low frequencies and then realizing that you're not listening to Mortician. Likewise, some of the heavier grooves somehow end up sounding like they're being played far away thanks to the dubious production. Not to say it's bad, but it works better as two EPs than it does as an album.

Get it if you're into Pelican, space-rock or even stoner, but try to listen to it as two EPs. As it was intended to be listened to, that is. (6.5/10)

note by: Roberto Martinelli

"Two EPs" is the term to take note of. Chicxulub would have been on this writer’s best of list for that year, until the second EP rolled around, and stuff started going the smelly bluesy route. It all went south from there, literally, and the CD was mailed to Argentina to Ignacio’s capable hands.


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